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Who We Are

Friends international is a group of Christians who love to meet internationals from all over the world and to welcome them into our community, no matter their faith background. Through regular meet-ups and activities, we look forward to getting to know internationals who come to Cambridge. For those who want to explore the Christian faith, we offer courses and Bible studies, as well as a warm invitation to our local churches. We love talking about our faith with those who are interested. We are also keen to support Christian students through discipleship and helping them find a local church family. 


A brief history!

Friends International (previously The Kairos Trust) has existed in Cambridge for over 40 years. 

In the 1970s, a few Cambridge University students noticed that there were many internationals coming through the city every year who were interested in meeting locals, making friends and practising English. It was an amazing opportunity to support these students and to share their faith with them. Over time a trust was set up to employ staff who would be able to both support international students when they arrive and equip the local Christian community to reach these students. We are glad to keep this vision alive! 

Friends International would not exist without the many Christian volunteers who help in various ways. 

Here are some of the staff who work to recruit, support and partner with volunteers and churches in Cambridge.

Harriet Headshot_edited.jpg

Harriet Ngugi
Team Leader

Harriet is from Kenya and lives in Cambridge with her husband and two boys. She loves reading, gardening, and having a cup of tea with a friend. 

Katie Pipe.jpg

Katie Pipe
Staff worker

Katie has spent time in Chile, Spain and many other countries. She enjoys reading, going to cafes with students, and warm weather. 

Max Lemp.jpg

Max Lemp
Staff worker

Max comes from Minnesota, USA, and lives in Cambridge with his wife and son. Max loves the outdoors, riding his bike, and cooking delicious food for friends.

Jenny Hunter.jpg

Jenny Hunter

Staff Worker

Jenny grew up in Uganda and has Indonesian family. She enjoys learning about languages, music and food from around the world, and loves meeting and getting to know people from different places. 

Sue Jenkins.JPG

Sue Jenkins


Sue has lived in many countries, including Singapore,

and Malaysia. She enjoys walking with her dogs and does wonders to keep things running behind the scenes. 

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