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 Summer 2024! 


July 15th - Aug 24th 2024 

We love meeting new internationals, and offering a friendly place to hang out with friends, meet new people and discover new things. For over 40 years, Andy's Café has been a place which welcomes internationals to Cambridge. Every summer, we run all sorts of different activities  for internationals to enjoy. 

We're back in our usual venue (see below!) for Andy's Café Monday - Thursday the evening, and will also be running sports on Parker's Piece and English Corner on Mondays - Wednesdays. 

On Thursday, we'll have activities and trips in Cambridge (more details at Andy's Café) and on Saturdays we will go on longer trips to attractions in and around Cambridge. 

Andy's Café

Trips Around Cambridge

Thursday afternoons and Saturdays

Find more details at Andy's Café

Callum Cruickshank - IMG_8412.JPG

Sports on Parker's Piece

4-5:30pm Monday - Wednesday, 
On Parker's Piece - look for our flag or volleyball net!


English Corner

4:30-5:30pm Monday- Wednesday
43 St Andrew's St, CB2 3AR


Join us for a trip to a local attraction. Find out more information at Andy's Café.

Look for the Friends International flag on Parker's Piece, and come join us!

A place to enjoy conversation with a friendly group of English speakers. Find us through the door on your right, and up the stairs. 

Directions for Andy's activities
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