Andy's Cafe is closed but we will be back in summer 2022! You can see our 2021 programme below or join us at one of our other year long activities - The Barn, iCafe, English Corner etc. 


July 16th - Aug 7th 2021 

Andy's Café

We love meeting new internationals, and offering a friendly place to hang out with friends, meet new people and discover new things. For over 40 years, Andy's Café has been a place which welcomes internationals to Cambridge. Every summer, we run all sorts of different activities  for internationals to enjoy. 

This year, we have a different venue which has options for both outdoor and indoor sitting. Why not come along and visit us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday (July 16th - Aug 7th) at Andy's or one of our other activities. 

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Trips Around Cambridge

17 July - Grantchester

24 July - Ely

31 July - Botanic Gardens

7 Aug - Grantchester

Find more details at Andy's Café

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Sports on Parker's Piece

4-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
On Parker's Piece - look for our flag or volleyball net!


English Corner

4-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
40 St Andrew's St, CB2 3AR


Join us for a trip to a local attraction. Find out more information at Andy's Café.

Look for the Friends International flag on Parker's Piece, and come join us!

A place to enjoy conversation with a friendly group of English speakers. Find us through the door on your right, and up the stairs.